Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soapy Knees

We officially joined the double digits club!!!

For those of you not in the northeast, it is monsooning today. But, when you have a 10 mile run planned a little (or a lot) rain isn't going to stop you! It wasn't easy running with soaking wet clothes, but we did it! And we did it with a lot of laughs! Here are some of the funny highlights (some of which we're sure you had to be there for, but we'll share them anyway):

1. When we were getting our gear together for the run this morning Vic was filling up her water bottle. She filled it up a little too high and it spilled onto the floor, she said sarcastically "oh no, my shoe got wet". We were both hysterically laughing before we even left the house because we both knew we were going to be more than a little wet once we were at Kelly Drive. 

2. We decided to run out 3 miles and then back 3 miles to stop for water and an orange slice at the car and then out and back for 2 more miles for our total 10. At just about 3 miles we were getting excited for our first turn around, but little did we know that the running path was very, very close to the road at this part. We learned this the hard way when a car came speeding by us right through a gigantic puddle. A tidal wave of disgusting Philadelphia street water flew up and splattered ALL OVER us. If we had seen it happen to anyone else it would have been funny and we couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous we were for running through the torrential downpour.

3. After our water break, we were around mile 7 when Melissa glanced down and noticed something on her knees. She stopped running because she thought something was wrong with her, Vic stopped too. Then Melissa realized that it was SOAP! There must have been detergent still on her pants, and because of the rain her knees were actually bubbly with soap! We were cracking up as we started to run again.
4. There were geese everywhere on this run. Not gigantic geese like the one's Melissa saw on her run up at Lehigh, but they made up for it in quantity. On our water break one even went right up to Vic!

5. When we were at about mile 6.5 we saw some familiar faces! Two of the other TNT members were running in the opposite direction and yelled out to us "I guess we weren't the only crazy ones today!" Well, that or all 4 of us are crazy!    

6. At mile 8.5 we were pretty excited that we were nearing the end and we started to go a little crazy and we busted out some dance moves (believe us, they were awesome...nearly as awesome as our singing voices). Just then another runner going in the other direction passed us and laughed at us a little. Hey, it's not worth it if you're not having fun! :)

7. Also around mile 8.5 we were convinced that it had stopped raining. In reality it had just slowed a little bit, but by mile 9 it was a monsoon again. We thought it was pretty funny that we were convinced it had stopped.

Then before we knew it we were done 10 miles in 1 hour and 46ish minutes! Not too shabby considering we were literally soaking wet! Now we are off to take a little nap and then head up to New York City in this gorgeous weather :)

--Victoria and Melissa

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