Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hitting the Pavement

After a long hiatus from blogging, and a short hiatus from running, I was back on the road this gorgeous spring evening for a mid-week shortie.

Apologies for the abrupt disappearance from the "blogosphere," I promise I've been doing MUCH better at adhering to the training plan (thanks to my slave driver - I mean sister).  I even hit 11 miles down at Kelly Drive on Sunday!  I just haven't been able to find the words to match the work my legs and feet are putting into this journey.

Now that I'm back (hopefully for good!) I had two newsworthy items I wanted to share with you:

--Last Thursday Melissa and I got our bib numbers!  I'm apparently the only one who's excited about this, but it just seems to make the race that much more official!  My bib number is 1808 and Melissa's is 1809.

--Last Thursday was also a big milestone because we hit the ONE MONTH till race day mark!  April 25 is just around the corner - so exciting!  Melissa mapped out my training plan for the rest of the month - so I have no excuses for not being ready mentally and physically come race day. (thanks sis!)

Here's a quick recap of my recent runs since the last post by me:
3/20 - 6 miles in Providence, RI - running in a new city definitely taught me that I want to know the course and landmarks prior to race day.  I will definitely be driving the course ahead of time so I know what to expect!

3/24 - 6 miles in Lower Merion - amazing run!  beautiful night!  I love daylight savings time.

3/28 - 11 miles at Kelly Drive - my legs are STILL reeling from that one...

3/31 (tonight) 5 miles in Lower Merion - a quick little run on a lovely evening

To celebrate another great run, I'm heading to Rita's tonight for my first water ice of the season.  Dad loved water ice (pronounced wooder ice for all of you non-philadelphians) - he would always get a combo of chocolate cherry.  After Phillies games we'd head to Pop's in South Philly for water ice, down the shore we'd go to Lucy's, and any random evening we'd hit up Rita's or Lix in the neighborhood.  Dad had his favorite water ice hot spots in any neighborhood!  In celebration of Dad tonight - I think I'll get a chocolate cherry myself!

Happy Spring!

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