Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sleep Running

I have 2 "Dad stories" to tell today:

Story #1: Yesterday in my spinning class the warm up song was All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow. If I had to choose one song that I grew up on, it would be that one (with Melissa Ethridge's Come to my Window as a close second). I distinctly remember car rides where Dad would play All I Wanna Do over and over at Vic and my request. This past 4th of July Daddy drove me and some of my girlfriend's downtown for a free Sheryl Crow concert and fireworks. I don't have any pictures of Dad from that night, and the pictures of Sheryl are pretty weak, but here's a shot of the fireworks!
oooh aaah
Story #2: Dad had this crazy ability where he could sleep anytime, anywhere. My cousin Jamie used to call him "the man who sleeps with his shoes on" because he would nap with his shoes on (but no socks of course). When I was little and couldn't fall asleep he used to say "just close your eyes, it's easy!". The past few days, I've been lacking in the sleep department. I've been playing catch-up because of my exam on Tuesday, so I've stayed up later than usual. 

This morning I almost overslept too! I always give myself a ton of time in the morning so even though I slept 23 minutes later than normal I knew I could still fit in my planned 5 miles. I hustled to get ready and was out the door! Since I got outside mere minutes after waking up I think I was still half asleep. My leg were moving but I hardly even knew I was running! It was kind of nice to just totally zone out. I started with my usual route on the roads but at mile 4.67 when I got to the stairs on the bridge that lead to the trail I decided I wanted to go for an extra mile today. I made it to the trail right when I hit 5 miles, by this point I was aware that I was running and not zoned out anymore, but I only had to push through 1 mile...nothing to it!

I went out half a mile and back half a mile. But then I thought..."why not go for a 10k?!" As I was running the last little bit I couldn't remember whether a 10k was 6.2 or 6.4 miles, so I decided to run 6.5 :) (I just googled's 6.2 miles) I did the 6.5 miles in 1 hour 3 minutes and 3 seconds. Then I walked a mile home. I made it back with just enough time to get ready for class--perfect! Since I was zoned out during my run, I barely glanced at my watch, which was sort of refreshing. When I got home and plugged my Garmin in I was pretty happy with my splits:

Mile 1: 10:09
Mile 2: 10:16
Mile 3: 9:39
Mile 4: 9:27
Mile 5: 9:55
Mile 6: 9:06 (!!!)
Mile 7: 13:52 (half of this mile was running, half was cool down)
.53: 10:08 (cool down)

Pretty good considering I almost slept through it! After class I had a nice phone chat with Mom who had lunch with Carol, a family friend, yesterday. I heard that she reads the Hi Carol!

This weekend is my last double digits run before the race!!


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