Thursday, April 15, 2010

No run

Ok, ok I know I said I wanted a break from running...but I swear I didn't mean it (although a no-pressure-3-mile-run does sound pretty fabulous). The running gods are punishing me for saying I was burnt out. I also know that I probably sound like the biggest hypochondriac in the world...

First my IT band, my ankle (which now feels fine), my toe (which I've never mentioned on the blog...but I have "runners toe"'s gross, believe me, you're glad I haven't talked about it), and now this...

On Tuesday night I was at work when my left knee started to feel funny. I thought nothing of it...I may have been sitting with my knee locked out and my laptop on my lap? Or maybe it was from Tuesday morning's run? Anyway, I woke up Wednesday morning and it hurt to even walk. I took some Advil and it ended up feeling good enough to go to Spinning class. I felt completely fine throughout my spin, but then last night my knee started to hurt again. A lot. I'm guilty of "running through pain" which ALWAYS is bad news. Last night I decided to make absolutely sure my knee felt okay before going on a run this morning. When my alarm went off I knew I wasn't going anywhere. I went back to bed (poor me! haha) and when I woke up an hour and a half later my knee was still I popped some more Advil. I headed off to class and again my knee felt fine. I didn't feel much pain for most of the day, and after work as I was driving home to Philly I thought I saw a run in my future!

When I got home, I was mentally plotting a 5 mile route for myself when I felt a twinge of pain in my knee. "It's not there, nothing's wrong, I'm fine, etc, etc, etc" were the thoughts that flew through my head....but I couldn't ignore it. No run :( Since the team run isn't until Sunday I can technically go for a run tomorrow and still get a rest day on Saturday, but I'm only going if my knee feels 100%. The "old" me would have pushed through the pain, but with the race just days away I'm trying to do anything and everything to make sure nothing happens to me before April 25. I know skipping one 5 mile run will not make or break the race, so I'm okay with skipping one of this week's runs, but I really hope giving myself the extra rest is worth it!

In class today I swear every single person around me was hacking up a lung coughing or sneezing. My professor even claimed that she had some weird stomach bug on Tuesday and asked us not to leave if she had to uh...toss her cookies. I can get sick on April 26, but until then...keep your germs to yourself!!

Ok, rant over. Send good knee and germ free vibes my way!


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