Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poker Face

This weekend one of Daddy's doctors, Dr. Weber, and Vic planned the Robert Berenholz Memorial Poker Tournament. Dr. Weber and Daddy bonded over their love of poker and Dad had planned on going to Atlantic City to kick his butt haha. Friends of Dad, some of Vic's friends from Puerto Rico, and some family came together to play in a poker tournament with the money going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The tournament was a huge success! We had 27 players, and we ended up raising over $3,600 for LLS!! if we didn't know it before, the tournament kind of showed that I am my father's daughter. Dad taught me everything he knew about poker, and I guess it payed off because I WON! Daddy would have been proud :)

That chip is worth $500! I'm wearing Dad's "I knocked out a pro" tee shirt

After the tournament, Vic, her friends who were in town, and I went out in Philly sporting our awesome new tee-shirts!

This morning, Vic and I went for our last team run. Since we were staying in a hotel in Philly we got to have a "practice run" for race day. We got dressed and made some hot water in the coffee pot in the hotel room to make pre-run oatmeal. Then we headed down to Kelly Drive for an easy 6 miles. Before we set out, one of the guys who works for TNT, Andy, announced the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon fundraising total-- I think it was about $40,000! Since other TNT team members are running in different races later in the season Andy wanted to get them jazzed about fundraising and he gave Vic and Me a shout out for having the highest fundraising total on the team! So thanks to everyone who helped us get to our fundraising goal and more!!

After that, we set out for our run. My iPod battery died so I ran part way without music, which was actually kind of nice and since there are going to be 14 bands on the course for the race I might run without it next Sunday. My Garmin memory was also full, so I turned it off because it makes a really annoying beeping sound every tenth of a mile when the memory is low. I'm glad I had these 2 tech glitches this week rather than next week. I will definitely charge my iPod if I decide I want it for next week and I already cleared my Garmin's memory.

Since this was a taper week, the TNT coaches instructed us to just take it easy and not try to PR or anything today. There was one point around mile 4 where I was itching to pick up the pace but I held back because I know it will be worth it come Sunday.

Since I ran without my Garmin and Vic left her's in the car I'm not quite sure what our splits were. But that's ok, because next week we are definitely going to go slow and steady, and I'm trying not to get caught up with time.

After the run, Vic and I got a bunch of info about the race for next weekend, our race day shirts, and lots of other cool TNT stuff. Then we chatted with the coaches for a while about this upcoming week. I told one of the coaches that I was planning on doing 5 miles both Tuesday and Thursday (as usual). The coach told me to only do 3, but I negotiated and she said 4 would be fine. So just 8 miles stand between me and the starting line! I can't believe that the race is finally upon us!


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